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Thank you and goodbye

December 31, 2011

Lees food:
09.45 Toast x2
15.10 Ham and Mustard Sandwich x2
19.00 Crisps, Doritos, Pringles, 2 slices of chocolate orange

Toms food:
11:40 bread
15:45 chicken and bacon sandwich
19:00 crisps, Doritos, Pringles, mint.

Remember this moment, it will go down in history… Probably. Here’s some of our inebriated readers over the year:







Last time

December 30, 2011

Tomorrow will see the last proper post on one chicken nugget. It will then be 2012, and the end of the world or something if you believe that film. I wonder what the first thing I will eat ‘off the record’ in a year will be?!

Today’s food:

Yogurt and granola
Mulligatawny soup and bread
Sausage casserole, sprouts, potato, carrot

Then There Was One…

December 30, 2011

Tomorrow marks the very final day of One Chicken Nugget. In for 364 days now, every single item that has been eaten by Tom and I has been collated and shortly after the last item is eaten we shall have some fun playing around with infographics of exactly what we’ve eaten. For example it’s very likely our most eaten food is:

22 Bags of Skittles
53 Croissants and 53 Pizzas
64 Bowls of Weetabix
110 Bananas
125 Clementines

And the winner is:

Toast (294 Pieces)

I’ll be ‘toasting’ in the new year with Tom tomorrow and celebrating with plenty of Champagne and of course a Plymouth Gin at Midnight! Happy New Year tomorrow if you don’t catch our final post before the ticks into 2012!

Eaten Today:

08.10 Toast Bagel and Scrambled Egg
15.40 Greggs Sausage Roll x2
20.25 Very Italian Bacon Taglettelli (including garlic, basil, bacon, red onion, white onion, oregano, courgette and lots of tomato).
Also 14 Celebrations (4 bounty, 8 Mars, 1 Snickers, 1 Milkyway).

Winter Berries – Do We Need Them?

December 30, 2011

One of the very last guest blogs of the year is bought to you from Berry Buddies

Berry Berries

Berries were traditionally a seasonal treat in the UK. This season was defined by the 4-6 week availability of strawberries, mainly through the month of June. Improved growing techniques, new varieties and modern technology mean that UK strawberries are now on the shelves 40+ weeks of the year. It is even possible to have fresh berries grown in the UK available all the way through the winter. However this would involve a significant amount of supplementary heat and light, rendering the cost of production too high for consumers to afford the berries.

Today’s culture means that the average shopper expects to be able to find berries twelve months of the year. This desire is mostly satisfied by imported fruit. Sceptics will say that berries imported over the winter period lack the flavour of their homegrown counterparts. Indeed it would be true to say that the length of time in transport is longer than for UK production. However the advent and improvement of cool chain logistics has meant that the freshness of imported winter berries is now far greater than it was in the past.

So from where do these berries emanate? The answer is far and wide but some countries dominate depending on the type of berry. Winter strawberries are often grown in Spain where berry quality has improved dramatically in recent times and excellent transport links mean that the time between picking and consumption is now minimised. Look out for improved tasting Spanish strawberries such as San Andreas ( and Sabrosa. You will also see strawberries from Egypt. Raspberries also mainly arrive on these shores from Spain. Just five years, arrivals were dominated by the variety Glen Lyon. This is still around but there are now also many other types that offer improved eating quality, not least Erika,

There has been a very significant surge in the consumption of blueberries in recent times. The natural shelf-life of a blueberry fruit is greater than that of other soft fruits, meaning that shipping around the world is facilitated. Winter blueberries are most often seen from South American countries such as Chile and Argentina. The production of blueberries is also on the increase in Spain and these berries can be found later in the winter time.

A major success in winter berries has been blackberries. In fact, it is often stated that imported blackberries are more flavoursome than the home produced types. The majority of imported blackberries hail from central Mexico. A mind boggling 20.000 acres of blackberries are produced in this area, almost every one of them being the variety Tupy. This variety has higher levels of sweetness than most of the berries grown in the UK, but is not perfect as it can have a background of a bitter after taste. However the UK blackberry market has seen tremendous growth during the winter months based on this cultivar. There is a lot of work now taking place to develop better eating types for these particular months.

In these times of 24 hour supermarkets and the expectation that berries will be available 52 weeks of the year, it is vital that better tasting berries are developed to meet consumers’ demands in the winter months.

Rest assured, this work is taking place with the aim of having super tasting berries 12 months of the year.

Thanks once again to Berry Buddies !

Forgetting to eat

December 29, 2011

Today I haven’t eaten. Until I remembered that is.

17:10 chilli rice crackers
18:45 lasagne chips salad garlic bread

Top 10 Bottles of Bubbly for New Year

December 29, 2011

Today’s i article is well worth a read before the big night:

1. Freixenet Elyssia Rosado Cava


Silence your inner snob, this Freixenet rosé is actually a fine alternative to champagne. The wine is made in the standard champagne manner – although in addition to the pinot noir they’ve also added some trepat grapes for a tart berry-rich finish.

Continue Reading…

Eaten Today:

08.17 Toasted Bagel
13.30 Red Thai Chicken Wraps
19.20 Lasagne & Chips
Also Frozen Celebrations, Chocolate Truffles and Jelly Beans

Thanks for the Memories!

December 28, 2011

It’s worth starting today’s post by reiterating Tom’s points [click here to read], the memory of starting OCN seems very fresh in my mind and I’m sure Laura could reel of countless times when my time could have been used more productively/ preferably. So like Tom said thanks to everyone who has stumbled across this and stopped to take a look, and a greater thanks to everyone how has either had to put up with Tom and my new found obsession with anything food related or indeed guest posted themselves!

In an equally reflective manor I thought I would repost one of my favourite nuggets from the last year written collaboratively by Tom and I:

Dear Americano Plymouth

Hope you enjoy!

Eaten Today:

09.30 Grilled Tomato and Mushrooms on Toast
13.10 Cheese Roll
14.00 Chocolates lying around the house
18.50 Poppadoms, Chicken tikka biryani, After Eight

Nearing the End

December 28, 2011

The original Nugget from back in Janurary 2011

Can you believe that we’ve stuck this through? Nearly 365 days of One Chicken Nugget’s daily blog posts completed and I still think that we’ll give up before the end. I remember when we started on New Year’s day, it seemed like such a good idea at the time, but now 362 days later I feel a little differently.

The daily posting was the problem, but also the basis of the whole idea, so basically the idea was the problem. You wouldn’t think it would take all that much effort to scribble down exactly what you’ve eaten throughout the day and accompany it with a little bit of food related musing. But you would be wrong! It is difficult.

The main difficulty comes in the time it takes. I think that between 20 minutes and 2 hours most of OCN’s daily posts have been written, but even taking the short end of that scale leaves OCN accounting for 121 hours of my life this year (approx 5 days). Add to this the time spent on the redesign and relaunch and it would probably push it up another day or two. And I think these estimates are quite conservative.

Concluding, this type of one-a-day challenge will take up one of the 52 weeks you have in a year. Sound a lot? It is, particularly when you don’t get paid and 90% of it only irritates people. I would like to thank all of you who have read any of One Chicken Nugget, maybe taken some of your time to comment, or even posted yourself. However, someone who deserves a little more thanks is Tash (and Lee would probably say Laura). Neither of them asked for One Chicken Nugget to begin (they’ve almost definitely asked for it to end), yet Tash has had to put up with the inane drivel that I write down here taking up hours in the day when I could be doing something much more practical and helpful. I imagine that the effort it takes for me to write some of this nonsense, requires twice as much effort on Tash’s part not to smack me in the head and say, “what the hell are you doing?!”. So for that, I say thanks.

Buffet Christmas

December 27, 2011

At Christmas, people go mental. In recent years the big supermarkets close for just one day. Back in the day they used to close early on Christmas eve and normal service wasn’t resumed until at least the 28th so there was some reason to stock up on food (despite most people only visiting the supermarket weekly anyway), but now it’s not the case. And yet people are still stocking up their cupboards with treats of all sorts with some sort of rush to have everything eaten as soon as possible and thus there is a lot of surplus food lying around.

Eaten Today:

09.00 Buffet Breakfast – Bacon, Sausage, Egg, Beans, Toast, Berries, Kewi, Melon & Toast
13.30 Cheese & Onion Roll
16.50 Hamburger at Fleet Services
20.30 Angus Blue Burger with Grilled Tomatoes and Fries
Also… some celebrations and pringles

New Tool/Toy

December 27, 2011

Sometimes you should enjoy using a tool, which scrubs out the line between toy and tool. I think this will be one of those tool-toys… 

Eaten today: 
14:00 Roast beef, potatoes, yorkshire puddings, cauliflower cheese, carrots, purple sprouting broccoli, green beans, one profiterole. 
16:20 Chocolate Santa x2 
19:40 Bounty celebrations (always left till last) x2