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Day One – Nugget One – All the Ones 1-1-11

January 1, 2011


As has become a bit of tradition, 2011 started with a shot of Plymouth Gin, but the blog is about food not drink; so here’s what I’ve eaten this year:

00.30-Spicy potatoes with BBQ sauce.

03.00-Onion rings (Queued for over an hour for it & second takeaway of the year already!)

03.02-Bite of Laura’s burger.

03.30-One over cooked left over cold chicken nugget dipped in tomato ketchup.

13.00 – Bacon sandwich (white bread, clover butter).

16.00 – Xmas variety reduced peanut m&m’s (50p).

16.30 – Brie and cranberry white bread sandwich.

16.45 – Few more m&m’s

1945 – Pasta bake with garlic bread.

2030 – Nibbles (pictured right) – crisps, celery, carrot and coleslaw (not much coleslaw!)

23.00 – Chocolate roulette with FIFA 11.

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