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The Back-Log of Christmas Chocolate

January 6, 2011

I think chocolate will be a regular part of my diet for at least another month, then it will make a re-appearance a little while later when I find it in all the places I’ve hidden it. Hopefully somewhere between will be some fruit.

11 am- Apple, breakfast of some sort and only the second piece of fruit of 2011 although I have drunk huge quantities of orange juice.

1:30pm- Fishcake and spring roll

4:20pm- 11 Haribo

6:30pm- Messicani pasta (looked like belly buttons) with tomato and basil sauce.

9:00pm- Tube of Smarties. Part of the back-log of Christmas chocolate.

Today's Lunch

Tuna fish cake and vegetable spring roll. I would give you the recipe but it was ready-made by sainsburys, sorry.


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