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What Happens When the Aliens Invade?

January 7, 2011

A bit of an early post today, but I’ve already had dinner and I’m playing football at 8 so I probably won’t eat after then.

Gorged on today:

10:00– 2 slices of toast (Dilemma for the food cloud- is toast bread or is it toast? I’m going with toast, it’s too hard to be bread)

13:15- Spring roll and tuna fishcake, same as yesterday because they come in packs of two.

16:15- 3 cubes of Cadburys Dairy Milk Caramel

16:18- 1 more of the above.

18:20– Sweet and sour chicken with rice. Again from sainsburys.

Mr Motivator

Legendary man, but of high nutritional value. Photo courtesy of Dave Tett

Looking back at this first week of One Chicken Nugget, you might make the assumption that a large proportion of my diet is made up of meals prepared by Sainsburys. An assumption which, so far, is correct. However, what happens when the aliens invade? That’s right, they look to eat the people with the highest nutritional value, and at this moment, that is not me. We’ve all seen the mass of dead birds in America, they’re coming for us. The first to be eaten will be the athletes, the physically fit with good diets and Mr. Motivator. At the other end of this list, which they will have already prepared, will be Rick Waller, the Nutty Professor, Beth Ditto and me. Take off your tin foil hats and roast a chicken in it, it’s the only way.


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