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Shakeaway style milkshake; food or drink?

January 8, 2011

Milkshake and a pot noodle please..

11:00-Bran Flakes with milk.

13:20- 2 Spring Rolls, the rest of them from yesterday and the day before.

13:40- 2 Flapjack bites

14:30- Small pack of popping candy, great fun.

16:00- Milkshake with marshmallows and a Boost* from Cow, who do shakeaway style milkshakes and also sell pot noodles?!

18:21- Cherry bon bon

19:20- Meatballs and pasta, a recipe which I’m going to call my own (Tom’s Spicy Meatballs) as I swapped a couple of ingredients around from Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food.

*Lee has already discussed the ‘what is food?’ conundrum, and I’m pretty sure it will come up plenty of times throughout this resolution. My problem this time is that I have drank a chocolate bar, a boost to be precise. If I had bought it ready-made from a shop I wouldn’t have this problem, but seeing it before during and after its conversion into a drink makes this a tough call. On this occasion I’m going to say it is food, mainly because there were a few solid parts in it and because half of the drink was made up of intact marshmallows.


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