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Try Balancing A Pen On Your Finger

January 10, 2011

Essentially, the basis of this blog is a list of foods that have entered our mouths, been chewed up and swallowed. And there are going to be some days when that’s all I can write about food and the food isn’t really that exciting whatsoever. Days like today. And on days, like today, on this 365 day journey, I’m going to have to mention something that has happened far more interesting than the list of food.

So bizzare is this concept, this is the only photo I could find...

That’s where the balancing comes in. Today, I watched for nearly a whole lecture, the lad sat next to me balance a pen on his finger. Must have been over half an hour! And that impressed me. It impressed me more than the food I consumed today. Seriously, next time you’re in a mind-numbing meeting or lecture, give it a go. The time to beat is at least 30 minutes.

Here’s the food:

07.05 Weetabix x 3
10.00 Dark chocolate kitkat
12.45 Salad from salad bar Issacs
13.30 Banana
17.15 Rocky bar x 2
18.30 Chunky Chilli Veg and Chorizo Pasta with a slice of brown bread.
18.35 Clementine & apple
20.00 Thorntons Chocolates x 5


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