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First Snackless Day of 2011

January 13, 2011
Golden Nuggets

Golden Nuggets, great cereal


All of this is a load of rubbish as I have now eaten a piece of Christmas cake. To make up for this here is a great non-food related joke.. Why do I never buy Head and Shoulders shampoo.. because it costs an arm and a leg. I bet you can’t tell I thought of that myself.

I predict that this will almost never happen this year (probably true), certainly much less than the current ratio of 1 every 13 days. Today I ate a solid 3 meals, nothing more (well..).

11:15- Golden Nuggets, cookie ( a breakfast desert). A late breakfast today after getting up late for my early haircut, which was necessary for my new job starting Monday. Also, I felt like  I should look smart for this weekends Winter BBQ.

13:30- Pizza, margarita

18:00- Dinner at the Harvester. This is always a filling affair, a supply of salad bowls only limited by your stomach capacity and a menu that mainly consists of grilled meat. I had a bread roll, one load of ‘salad’ pasta with red devil sauce (really good) and a Cajun chicken burger with chips.

23:04- Christmas cake. The first snack on the snackless day.

So whilst the day was (not) snackless, it was mainly due to eating two meals worthy of a daily main meal, and a two course breakfast.


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