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A Cup Full of Cereal to be Taken With a Pinch of Salt

January 18, 2011

@DaveZinczenko is the Editor-in-Chief of Men’s Health & Women’s Health magazines and apparently tweets TONS OF USEFUL TWEETS! Here is one sample:

10 lbs a year is equal to about 87 grams a week. Given that the average male weighs in at around 85 kg, a loss of 87 grams a week is a loss of 0.001% of your body weight each week or 0.05% over a year. Top figures.

I have an equally good idea, and so I sent it to Dave:

Let’s see if he thinks it’s a good idea.

Eaten today:
7:30- Golden Nuggets. Not measured with a cup, in fact not measured at all.
12:50- Beef sandwich. With a banana and two segments of a shrivelled, dry and horrible clementine.
18:30- Thai red chicken curry with rice. Also had a naan.

I’m also quite hungry now so expect an update later. Otherwise, this will be the first snackless day, instead of last times failure.

Several haribo were consumed at 22:05, the snackless day remains elusive.

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