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Alcohol Prices Rise – Middle Class Demands 99p Balsamic Vinegar

January 18, 2011

This morning, plans were unveiled to set a minimum price for alcohol in the UK. In and amongst it all, the BBC decided to settle peoples minds by interviewing Hussein Lalani, chief executive of 99p Stores. I was very comforted to hear, that Lalani ensured the 99p store would keep its prices below a pound (surprisingly). And always willing to go one step further, Lalani also spoke of how they have a growing number of middle class customers and are responding to their demands with “99p Balsamic Vinegar”.

You can watch the interview here

I wasn’t even aware that the 99p store had captured my demands so specifically. I’m literally holding myself back from racing down there now to get some Balsamic Vinegar at just 99p. A mere 99p. Not even a pound. Just 99p!
You may have also noticed their innovative way of keeping the price of Toblerone down. Take 30g of it away. What a crackerjack!

Today’s Foodage:

07.45 Breakfast bar of some sort.
11.00 Banana
12.00 Boost
14.00 Pasta from yesterday
15.20 Wine gum x1
18.30 Homemade Chicken Kiev with carrot, tenderstem®, broccoli & mangetout
18.45 Yogurt
20.45 Thornton’s Chocolate x 4

And finally…
A friend said to me he would like some porn on today’s blog. So here is my pick of the webs food porn:

Fantasy Food


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