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Today's Food: As Seen on Someone's Body!

January 19, 2011

Let’s try something different today. With the amount of people in the world who are completely insane through their own choice, there’s bound to be some who get some food tattoos. However, are their enough of these nut-cases to accurately describe what I ate today with their illustrated bodies.

8:00- Golden Nuggets cereal.

Cereal tattoo

Not quite Golden Nuggets, but Honey Nut Loops will suffice.

12:45- Bacon sandwich


Bacon tattoo

There are a lot of people with bacon tattoos.. why?

13:00 Banana and 2 apples

Banana tattoo

Plenty of these too, thanks to Andy Warhol

15:20 Chocolate rabbit, I just ate it’s foot.

Chocolate Rabbit tattoo

Good enough

17:15- 3 flapjack bites

Flapjack tattoo

A difficult one to find, maybe an unexplored niche for flapjack tattoos


20:20- Pizza and one flapjack bite.

21:50- About half a toblerone (99p) and one white chocolate button.

That’s all I’ve eaten so far today. There will be an update later, but I have to play football in the mean time. Whether or not there will be a tattoo later as well depends on what I eat!

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