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Everything You Need To Know About Crisp Sandwiches

January 21, 2011

How to make the crisp sandwich:

Step 1) Pour a bag of crisps between two pieces of bread.

Bread, Butter, Crisps.










For some people, that perfect sensation of a crisp sandwich isn’t enough. For those people, here is the complete set of ingredients to pimp any crisp sandwich:

  • More Butter.
  • Peanut Butter.
  • Chicken.
  • Cheese.

And the most bizarre:

  • White bread & Crisps & Peanut Butter & Gherkins.

I think the final story speaks for itself:

Eaten Today:

08.05 Weetabix and Banana.
11.05 Twix.
12.30 Jacket potato with cheese and beans.
18.25 Half a crisp sandwich.
20.25 4 Slices of Perfect Pizza (Coriander Chilli Chicken).

I’ll be having a Clementine later too after Tom’s tutorial!


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