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The Social Stigma Attached To Chopsticks

January 22, 2011

Social stigma is a severe social disapproval of personal characteristics or beliefs that are perceived to be against cultural norms.

How to use chopsticks

This isn't helpful

How do you teach someone how to use chopsticks. Imagine it. Just imagine trying to explain how to make chopsticks lever up food to the mouth department.  It’s hard – really hard, but worse for the user.No matter how loudly or how slowly you say ‘just put them between your fingers and pick up the noodles‘, you’ve either got it or you haven’t.

I’m sure practice makes perfect, but if it isn’t working you have two choices:

The Cocktail/ Dart Approach

1) Just use one.
Use one chopstick as a kind of cocktail stick, poking the noodles and vegetables making some kind of Asian kebab.

Chopstick Evolution

2) Ask for a fork.
This option doesn’t sound too bad. Actually, I’ve heard Karl Pilkington saying we’re going backward using chopsticks since the invention of the fork. And the fork does seem to be a better/ less messy/ more efficient method for eating noodles – we don’t use chopsticks for spaghetti. But you try asking for a fork in Wagamama’s when all around you are using chopsticks. There’s social pressure at play…

So it’s a tricky one. Either way you’re going to get funny looks committing a crime against the status quo. My advice would be option 1 if your looking for a fun time & option 2 if your hungry.

Anyway, onto unstigmatised eating habits:

09.35 English breakfast of some sort – poached egg, Grilled bacon, mushrooms and brown toast.
12.30 Fruit and nut dairy milk (the whole 140g bar)
15.30 Wagamama’s – Chilli Raman
17.00 Smarties
17.25 Tooty Frooties x8
19.00 Two more Tooty Frooties
19.47 Left over pizza x1

And finally…

I’d like to do a kind of 3 way review. Every time I go to Wagamama’s I get the Chilli Raman and I’ve had it 3 times recently in 3 different places so I think that qualifies me to make judgement:

  • Wagamama’s Bournemouth *** First time I went and I was pretty impressed all round – steak ok.
  • Wagamama’s Westfeild London **** Very good and beautifully cooked rare steak on top.
  • Wagamama’s Exeter ** Lucky to get two stars. Same dish but somehow blander and steak very tough – like when you chew on a football. Service was good though.

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