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The Weekend Diet

January 22, 2011

During the week it's hard to find the time to cook such a volume of unhealthy food.

The weekend is the time when you’re under no pressure to do anything you don’t want to do. That is unless you work weekends or if you’re a student, when the work never stops and you’re under constant pressure to go out and drink copious amounts of alcohol.

In terms of food the weekend is also a break. During the week I eat healthy things, or at least try to, giving off the impression to those around me that I am, in fact, a healthy being. At the weekend I eat gloriously unhealthy things, get up in the afternoon and go out in the evening, followed by the inevitable nauseating food from the slimy take-away at 3am.

Today’s food is a typical weekend diet:

12:30- Bacon sandwich. Three rashers was probably too many in a small bread roll. Is having butter wrong? I think it’s a great addition to a bacon sandwich.

13:50- Some toblerone.

14:02- One ready salted, oven baked crisp.

15:30- Three rosy apples. A great sweet.

17:00- A cookie. Sainsburys did a great job on this one.

18:30- Steak, wedges and onion rings, with sweetcorn.

18:45- Haribo. The Saturday dessert.

Now I’m off out. Expect a early morning snack in tomorrows post.

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