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Fruit of the Month Award Goes to…

January 23, 2011

the Clementine!

The Fruit Chart

The first piece of statistical analysis of our diets, fitting that it should be a pie chart

Some interesting analysis above in the ‘fruit chart’. The chart shows the most popular fruits of January so far, taking the food cloud to the next level. The Clementine comes out on top which is no surprise, as so far it has been consumed on 19 occasions during the last 23 days. The banana came in second, being eaten on 13 occasions this year so far. Apples and apricots were also present, but haven’t been tasty enough to warrant eating on the scale of the Clementine. Tomatoes also make an appearance, but there is debate about their fruit credentials. And grapes also scraped in with 2 eating events, hardly worth mentioning. As the year goes on this ‘fruit dynamic’ is sure to change, although at the moment the fruit of the year title for the Clementine to lose.

Congratulations to January’s Fruit of the Month (FotM): The Clementine!

All of the above statistics do not include today’s food. Although as it’s Sunday the weekend diet applies, so no fruit is likely to be eaten:

12:20- Cool Doritos
13:10- Dauphinoise potatoes
13:40- Cookie
18:10- Roast dinner. Pork, cauliflower cheese, broccoli, green beans, roast potatoes.
20:00- 2 Fudge bars and a Crunchie


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