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The Latest Supermarket Tactics

January 23, 2011

BOGOF, 2for1 and Half Price have all become common favourites in Supermarkets across the UK over the last few decades. Despite them all meaning the same end price (especially if you’re buying two of said product) marketers use them interchangeable to shake up our shopping experience with a bit of variety.

I have no doubt it works. It defiantly makes you spend more money, and they are impossible to resist. Try going into any supermarket without picking up one of their deals. Even though you’ve already got three packs of batteries, or a cupboard full of tuna, you simply cannot miss out on a ‘good’ deal!

And of course it all works due to our pursuit of points – Nectar Points, Clubcard points, Boots Advantage Points, Co-op points (of some sort?). Those little numbers that appear on the end of our receipt and reward us with a few pounds every couple of months makes it all worth while. Even better if you shop in Sainsbury’s, where you get a little points lottery ticket which prints out with your receipt. Double points when you spend over £40? JACKPOT!!

So what’s new? Well, the Buy One Get Two Free deal launched last summer (notably by Morrisons) got us all pretty excited. But I’m beginning to see more and more of this:

Photo Credit: EventsExtraordinaire

If you haven’t seen this deal, you will be seeing it more. I still don’t think it’s a particularly good deal, and it still doesn’t top my favourite (Half Price), but it is a clever little psychological trick there Mr Tesco. I think this is the thought process we go through when we see it:

1) Customer see’s the price tag and offer.
2) Surprised customer, has to look again and re-do their calculations.
3) Customer thinks Tesco must have made some sort of mistake and puts the product straight in their trolley – Even if they don’t need it, ‘I’m beating the system!’
4) Customer buys, evoking a positive response.
5) Tesco wins?


Anyway, onto some abnormal looking eating:

01.45 Half a Goodfellas pizza
09.30 Weetabix and banana (wanted McDonald’s or cold pizza, but we’re supporting Shake Up Your Wake Up
11.20 Dave Shakeaway with vintage friend.
12.45 Crisp sandwich (hangover heaven).
12.55 Craisins – Like raisins, but cranberries, and disgusting.
14.30 Pandora chocolate – the little chocolate Laura got with her ring! We both win…
15.30 Thorntons Fabulous Vanilla Fudge and two bites of Laura’s crisp sandwich
17.30 Ravioli pasta
17.40 Banana and Two Clementine’s

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