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Fine Dining at The Taybarn, Coventry

January 28, 2011



"The Ultimate All You Can Eat"- Really?



Yes this is another review, and it’s not a good one again. For those that have never visited a Taybarn before it’s basically an all you can eat ‘restaurant’, with foods from all over the world. For an almost complete list see what I’ve eaten today.

The main problem with the Taybarn in Coventry is surprisingly not the food, the staff, the concept or the building itself. The main problem is the other diners. That won’t offend them in the slightest as I have very serious doubts that they can read. It’s like eating with this guy, in fact it’s probably worse because they can speak.

The highlight of my evening was watching one ‘person’ eat something that looked like pizza dipped in ice cream and then nearly throw up. In fairness the food isn’t great and I should know I tried to sample almost everything.

The idea that if you offer a huge variety everyone will be happy is a nice one, but not when all of the food is crap. It’s also a really nice idea that you can see the kitchen staff cooking the food, but not when they sing loudly and badly then turn to give seedy looks to any women walking by. The woman in question looked disgusted at the gesture, but it’s hard to tell if that was just her face in the first place.

All in all, I won’t be going back.

The largest food list of my year so far:

8:00- Golden Nuggets

13:00- Cold pizza, a clementine and a rocky bar

13:45- Half a chocolate digestive

19:00- Taybarn- Course 1- Crispy onion pieces, slice of bread, coleslaw. Course 2- Fish, fish cake, potato wedges, curry sauce. Course 3- Sausage of the Day (no idea what it was), pasta, pizza, garlic bread. Course 4- Chicken Jalfrazi, rice, pizza, naan bread. Course 5- Profiteroles and ice-cream with chocolate sauce.

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