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How Many Calories In One Chicken Nugget?

January 28, 2011

This is a question that we feel needs addressing. Obviously, in reading the blog, you actually burn calories by moving your arm to the mouse and eyes up and down!

But how many calories are in one chicken nugget?

It varies between 31-55 calories depending on these factors:

Size of the nugget.
Battered or Breadcrumbs.
How they are cooked – Fried, Grilled, Baked or on the Foreman.

Detailed Information:

McDonald’s Chicken McNugget = 41.7 calories p/n

Sainsbury’s Chicken Nuggets = 31.7 calories p/n

KFC Kentucky Nuggets = 46.1 calories p/n

Burger King Chicken Nuggets = 55 calories p/n

ASDA Chicken Nuggets = 33 calories p/n

Tesco Chicken Nuggets = 46 calories p/n

Quorn Crispy Chicken Style Nuggets = 31 calories p/n

If you have any other type of Chicken nugget you want us to research, let us know and we’ll send our ‘chicken nugget calorie detectives’ out…

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