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Dear Rocco y Lola Plymouth…

January 29, 2011

Every intention was made for this to be a live blog review. That’s right, LIVE. Sport is shown live, news is reported live, our patients has quickly got less and less. How is this blog of any relevance to anyone now – I ate this well over an hour ago.

Anyway here’s the quick review:

Dear Rocco y Lola,

This will be our best review yet, but don’t take too much comfort in hearing that, our other reviews have been suitably awful (Dear Americano Plymouth & Taybarn Coventry).

If you had read the live blog you would have read our initial impression. The greeting was agreeable, the décor was refreshing, the view well-formed and the menu extensive. At that stage you were getting a lot of ticks in the right places and with fairness we awarded you a £7 tip for service.

Moreover, nothing really went wrong. I know we had our flurry over Estrella and ‘A Stella’, but we settled it with San Miguel. The problem was the experience never really surpassed the initial expectation. The food was okay, but Luke warm and all a bit bland and stodgy in taste. The shell-fish didn’t really have much taste, but I enjoyed that!

Overall, I left feeling like ticking that box in the middle. The box that says nothing. The ‘nothing box’. ‘Neither agree nor disagree’… At about £17.50 a head with 1 drink included, I neither won’t come again nor will come again,

Best Wishes,

OCN Blogger Team.

The Menu

Weird menu…

Today’s Fuel:

08.30 Toast x3
12.45 Buffet food – chicken wrap x2, chicken sticks x2, these tomato and mozzarella stick things, bad banana, cupcake.
16.30 Magic Stars x31
16.45 Crackerbread x2
18.00 A selection of tapas including crab cakes, stuffed mushrooms, meatballs, potatas bravos, olives…
19.25 Chocolate Brownie from The China House.

And finally,

The WordPress iPhone app is a complete let down!

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