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Barack Obama Loves KFC… Supposedly

January 31, 2011

This video is a clip from a Chinese (?) advert for KFC, featuring a Barack Obama look-a-like. The best thing about it is that it sounds nothing like him and only looks like him from a distance of over 200m. This sort of thing would never happen in the UK, can you imagine David Cameron or Nick Clegg look-a-likes appearing in adverts for fast food? I can’t. Maybe they could appear in an advert for the Ritz, or some restaurant too highbrow for anyone but the elite to have heard of. Not that Barack Obama is any less ‘upper-class’, he probably likes cream in his coffee and mints under his pillow every night too. I think this is as close as we will get to a pretend sponsorship by David Cameron, and this was made purely to make fun of him (not by me):

Cameron Poster

I’ve actually eaten today, despite still feeling a bit ill:

12:15- Bag of chilli sensations
12:30- Pizza. I’ve really taken Lee’s advice here on what to eat when you’re ill, I’m not sure if it’s worked yet.


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