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NEW Food Accreditation Standards

January 31, 2011

New catering standards are being developed following outbursts in yesterdays post:


The new criteria is set to include measuring restaurants levels of quality based on Food, Service, Hygiene, Cost and Overall Experience. The awards anti-awards are set to be called Bitchelin Stars.

Founder of the awards was quoted to have said ‘I created these awards first and foremost to recognise terrible food establishments. It will also be quite interesting to finally find the worst restaurant in the whole world. It’s going to be bad, and that’s gonna be good!’

Those reading the story might be less interesting in hearing what’s been eaten by the author today:

08.05 Toast x2
11.00 Clementine and Banana
13.45 A whole packet of New Covent Garden Carrot and Coriander Soup with French Stick
16.00 Bag of mini eggs
18.15 Cold toast left over from this morning – amazing!
20.30 Slow, slow cooked lamb with new potatoes and carrots.
21.00 Summer Berries Yogurt

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