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Food & Drink News: Pick Of The Week

February 1, 2011

Big Apple Launches Big Cuppa

1) Trouble in Paradise: Barack wants KFC, Michelle wants BBQ RibsOCN & Fox News

Our very own Tom has the scope on Barack’s dietary requirements, whilst Fox News reported this week that Michelle would prefer a rack of BBQ Ribs.

2) The coffee that’s bigger than the human stomachThe Independent

This is the story of Starbuck’s newest Super Sized coffee which is larger than the average stomach. In keeping with their current Italian themed names of sizes (Tall 354ml; Grande 473ml; and Venti 561ml), the new size will be called Trenta.

3) ‘Eat and run’ – the fine-dining crimewave – The Independent

The crime that is sweeping the nation, of posh thieves that would rather dash for the door than foot the bill. In recent times there has been an increase of 33% ‘eat and runs’ with one man dashing away from a £7,000 bill. The said thief was later detained and pleaded guilty to eating and running.

4) Daily Mail Disproves The 5 Second RuleThe Daily Mail

Myth of the five-second rule: Eating dropped food can cause food poisoning even if it’s picked up immediately, unless your floor is surgically clean. *


Daily Food Offerings:

07.45 Toast x2 with Marmite
08.30 Mini Eggs x3 (bit early? no really 8am?)
14.10 BBQ Smothered Chicken with Bacon, Chips and Peas. Followed by a bit of cod.
14.45 Area Peppermint x 5 lines.
More to come after football…

*I tried to link to the Daily Mail story, but no matter how hard I tried, my fingers wouldn’t let me… Sorry.

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