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The 20 Stone Man Who Doesn’t Weigh Enough

February 1, 2011

Fat Man

“Wire up his jaw & have done with it.”- One commenter.

Meet Darin McCloud, the man who needs to gain 6 kg to be eligible for a gastric bypass. Rather than cutting down on his food, which is the obvious solution, this man thinks outside the box (probably because he’s too fat too fit inside) and is pushing his dangerously disgusting weight even higher. What’s more disturbing is that he is more than happy to divulge this kind of dirty habit to the Metro, who have happily distributed it to many many commuters.  If putting your life at risk to make a point is what you want to do at the weekend, then do a bungee jump, eat a tarantula or walk through an airport shouting things about bombs, don’t eat copious amounts of food to get surgery.

Dr Lorraine Albon, diabetic consultant at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, said, “If he doesn’t have the surgery soon he will lose his job and add further complications to his diabetes”.

I say, “If he doesn’t stop eating soon he will become so fat he won’t fit inside his office, his house or any surgical theatre. This will add further complications to the entire UK when he attempts to eat the country, building by building, just to make another stupid point.”

Read more: Metro Online

Food news:

14:30- One clementine
18:20- Spaghetti bolognese


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