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The Life of a Vegetarian – Mushrooms.

February 3, 2011

This piece is centred around mushrooms. Everywhere I go, however ‘high end’ or ‘Bitchelin‘ a place, I always feel for vegetarians. I feel even more for vegetarians who don’t like mushrooms.

It seems no matter where in the UK you go, if you’re a vegetarian, your menu is limited:

Italian – Mushroom risotto, Mushroom pasta, Wild mushroom crostinis…

Indian – Mushroom Stroganoff, Malai Mushroom Curry…

British – Mushroom Pie, Wild mushroom strudel…

Swiss – Brie and wild mushroom fondue…

Greek – Stuffed mushroom vine leaves…

I could go on (actually I probably couldn’t I was running out of ideas). And for those of you like Events Extraordinaire who love the idea of a mushroom feast here is a pretty good website to find loads of mushroom recipes.

My concern is, no one is looking out for the vegetarian. Ok, so they’ve made what some may describe as ‘unfortunate’ decision to not eat meat, but there is no reason to punish them with death by mushrooms! There are plenty of other vegetables out their, so here is my personal campaign to all restaurants across the world:




USE ANOTHER VEGETABLE WEEK – September 12th 2011 – September 18th 2011.

The week where everyone should boycott mushrooms as a sign of respect to the universal human right to become a vegetarian. This campaign speaks out against punishing vegetarians by only offering them mushrooms in restaurants. The campaign also aims to reintegrate vegetarians who are allergic to mushrooms back into mainstream society.


As a sort of ritual to join vegetarians my lunch today may particularly interest you:

08.15 Toast x3 with Peanut Butter
12.45 Mushroom and Rocket Pitta with Philadelphia
15.40 Creme Egg
17.15 Banana
18.00 Thornton’s Chocolate x2
19.15 Chicken (& Mushroom) Korma with Vegetable Pilau Rice.

And Finally:
Are you a vegetarian. Do you dis/agree. Would you like to blog about the troubles life throws at you? If so get in touch and guest blog…

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  1. Soph permalink
    February 3, 2011 10:42 pm

    As one of the long suffering people who are a vegetarian and does not like mushrooms I totally support Use Another Vegetable Week. Also, another horrible ingredient that constantly appears as the only vegetarian option is Goats Cheese WTF! It’s so gross!
    Thank you One Chicken Nugget for acknowledging the plight of us vegetarians who don’t like mushrooms xxxxx

  2. Sar permalink
    February 5, 2011 12:22 pm

    I love this post…. particularly useful website link as well 😉

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