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And the winner is…

February 6, 2011

…the Spork!

The original question was, “If you only had one arm, which piece of cutlery would you use to eat? Spork, Knife, Spoon, Fork or none of the above”. This was part of a research proposal that was subsequently turned down. Apparently, the situation of a one armed person needing a singular piece of cutlery and being unable to ask for it for whatever reason just doesn’t happen often enough to warrant a research grant.

What this does mean is that I can now reveal the results of the survey. To do this I will use the latest graphical display for statistical data, the doughnut. It’s fantastic for us to be able to display everything in food themed charts, like pie charts and doughnuts.

As you can see from the glorious doughnut chart above, the spork wins, hands down. The most interesting result is that nobody chose a spoon, but people did chose the knife. Strange choice. Here is the Spork receiving its award:

Spork Award

An emotional spork gratefully receives the award.

And today’s food:

12:20- Leftover bread and dip from yesterday, pringles and a piece of brownie.
17:00- Some haribo.
19:00- Roast pork with roast potatoes, carrot, green beans and broccoli.


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