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Julian Assange's Black Box

February 7, 2011
Julian Assange

Julian Assange in a "black box of rape".

I don’t have too much interest in what’s going on with Julian Assange at the moment, but hearing this exceptionally ludicrous statement on the radio I had to find out more,

“A black box has been applied to my life, and on the outside of that black box, has been written the word rape. That box is now, thanks to an open court process, being opened. And I hope, over the next day, you will see that the box is in fact empty” -Julian Assange, 7/2/2011

Turns out Domino’s had just mislabeled a black pizza box and delivered it to Julian. Judging from the last statement, he’s eaten the pizza.

Disclaimer: Criminal charges of any kind are not amusing, particularly not rape. However, a strange black box that opens in court and reveals that it is, in fact, empty, is quite amusing.

In real news, here’s what I’ve eaten today:

8:20- Bran flakes, brunch bar.

12:35- Beef sandwich, chilli sensations, clementine, rocky bar and a Yorkie biscuit bar.

19:00ish- Chilli or Spag bol. which will it be? Ooooh the tension… It was spag bol in the end, followed by a mini magnum, just cause I can.

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