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The Bullied Kid Of The Vegetable Playground

February 7, 2011

The Green Pepper.

Just look at him (I assume it’s a him). He’s ugly! It’s the vegetable that’s always picked last out of the mixed pepper school and when you run out of food, you can always be sure that there will be a green pepper left in your fridge. A green pepper, butter and salad dressing. Those are the three things you can pretty much guarantee will be left at the bottom of your empty fridge.

Photo Credit: Muffet on Flickr

The red pepper is the ‘inbetweener’. Those guys who pass through school barely noticed and are as unmemorable as the toast you had for breakfast three weeks ago. They play ball and go with anything but never really stand out from the crowd.

Photo Credit: Pin Add on Flickr

Then there is the yellow pepper. Somewhat of a cool kid around these parts. In a relationship with the best looking tall cucumber and never associated with that fat ball of an onion…

Photo Credit: Andreas-photography on Flickr

Last but by no means least, the Purple Pepper. The legend. The one that everyone knows about but no one has ever spoken to. The model, the untouchable, the record breaker, the history maker. Held in complete respect and deemed as a bit of a God in Western cultures. You know you’ll never get a purple one, so you’ll spend your day adding yellow peppers on Pepsbook.

Photo Credit: brianjmatis

No peppers were harmed in the making of this post (apart from the Green Peppers feelings).

Peppers Consumed Today = 0

09.10 Sausage Bap
10.45 Dead Fly Biscuit x2
12.25 Rhubarb Custard Boiled Sweet x1
13.05 Salad (inc coleslaw and green leaves, but no peppers).
17.30 Clementine
19.15 Chicken & Asparagus Pie with Broccoli and Carrots.
20.05 Cadburys Chocolate Shots x39

And Finally…

The i reported today that chocolate is better for you than some fruits – I can’t find the web link, but here’s a link to the Express scope.


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