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Police Chase Waffle Thief

February 11, 2011

Before today, Sasha Hall had probably never made the headlines before, but today she was branded as a ‘hardened criminal’ in national papers across the UK including The Mirror and The Telegraph. Sasha Hall will next week sit in front of the magistrates’ court on Wednesday charged with ‘theft by finding’.

Following a power cut in an Essex Tesco Express, the store had to bin thousands of pounds worth of stock in bin bags which overflowed onto the street. Sasha then helped herself to the bags full of pies, waffles and ham, amongst the dozens of other delighted passers by.

Shortly after, the police arrived at her home and arrested her for ‘theft by finding’.

She said “they knocked at the door and said if I didn’t open up they would use a battering ram. They handcuffed me and treated me like I was a hardened criminal and when we left they raided my house.”

“I would think the police have better things to be doing with their time than going after people who pick up potato waffles from the street. It’s all been blown totally out of proportion.”

It all seems a little harsh, so OneChickenNugget are going to oppose the arrest. Follow this story on Twitter #TescoJokeTrail

Food that wasn’t stolen:

07.50 Weetabix x3 & Banana
13.05 Fish, Chips and Peas
17.20 Toffee Crisp Chocolate Bar
17.40 Breadsticks x2
18.50 Beef Cannelloni
19.15 Thornton’s Chocolates x5
21.55 Bite of Brownie Bites

And Finally…

What do you think? Should Sasha Hall have been arrested?

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