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Dear The Souk Plymouth…

February 12, 2011

…Tonight we ate in your convincing Moroccan establishment and this will be one of our most dandy reviews yet. The thing about this place is, someone could walk in, pour out a bin bag full of tatty clothes and put a sledge hammer through the walls and everyone would just think it was a valuable addition to the décor. In fact I couldn’t knock the place because I wasn’t sure whether it was meant to have peeling paint work and bins full of sandals or not.

So given that I’m not going to knock the décor, and the location is on the water front; I think we should get straight to the food. We opted for the ‘6 Mezze and a bottle of wine for £35’. This seemed like quite good value for money as food easily fed two – although if you are the extra hard to fill type, I’d recommend the ‘all you can eat for £20 per head’.

The food had a multitude of spice and garlic as you would expect from this type of cuisine. The first bites of each Mezze were the best and I was on the verge of giving this restaurant a place in the high sevens out of ten. It did seem to get a little bit less exciting as the meal went on – but if you’re looking for a place to escape the standard pub grub then look no further.

Did Well: Venue and Theme (and food).
Did Okay: Service, Cost, Overall Experience (and food).
Could Improve: The practicality of eating off such low tables and charging an extra £1 for an extra pitta.

6.9/10 or 69% – Our Highest Score Yet!

In case your interested here’s the other stuff I ate:

09.15 Poached Egg on Toast
09.45 Thornton’s Chocolate
11.15 Bite of Laura’s Wispa
12.35 Breadsticks x4 with hummus
13.30 Softmints x4
14.45 Beef Cannelloni (small portion)
15.05 Nestle Munchies
18.55 Mezze including – Warak Inab, Batata Harara, Halloumi cheese, Baby calamari, Kofte Kebab, Keftas and Pitta with Hummus. If you’re interested here’s the menu.
22.50 Toast and Popcorn

Kind Regards,

The One Chicken Nugget Blogging Team

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  1. February 13, 2011 11:02 am

    I need to know where this place is Lee. Also as a chocolate addict I feel I must correct you on the spelling of Whisper, it is infact Wispa! All in all though another cracking blog entry, cant wait for tomorrows!

  2. leef352 permalink*
    February 13, 2011 11:17 am

    Thanks for the heads up on the spelling! All changed now 🙂 And this place is next to the Fish Market on the Barbican…

    • February 13, 2011 10:03 pm

      Thats why I love this blog, your comments are replied to quickly and are so informative, well done One Chicken Nugget team.

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