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Dublin Day 1: Guinness seeds eaten

February 12, 2011

I’m currently in Dublin and therefore I am considerably handicapped by internet abilities and the fact that I’m on holiday, which leaves me to post this, stripped down to the bones, nothing but the food post. I’m back on Sunday night, but until then expect more of the same. Breakfast is paid for, so expect huge ones!

Irish food:
10:00 bacon, sausage, sauted potatoes, toast, weetabix, pastry, croissant,
12:30 roasted barley (what I’m going to call Guinness seeds. They are a key ingredient in Guinness, and I’ve had plenty of that today, see picture!)
15:30 taytos (Irish crisps) piri piri chicken roll
17:40 toffee and crunch bar.
17:53 yorkie biscuit and raisin, bit of Hershey’s cookies and Chocolate.

19:20 Room service- lasagne, chips, crisps, a bit of butternut squash and chilli soup

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