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Dear Cosmos, Coventry…

February 23, 2011

You are amazing. Great food, great place. The choice in here is unbelievable, it would be physically impossible to try everything, even though it’s all you can eat. From Thailand to Malaysia to India to China, my mouth took a trip through Asia last night, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not one bit of food I ate would look out of place being served on it’s own, it’s certainly not your standard buffet food and in a completely different league to the Taybarn (although so is a pot noodle).

Another thing that I can’t fault was your efficiently with drinks orders seating etc. and your complete lack of paper use. Instead, all ordering is done through serving staff’s iphones, how cool!

So obviously, I enjoyed this place, and despite your strict rules on photographic equipment, I managed to sneak pictures of each of my 6 plates (yes 6):

Course 1

Course 1: Prawn crackers, ginger and chilli beef (really spicy), chefs special (thing wrapped in the green thing), salmon in some sauce, chips and onion rings.

Course 2

Course 2: Plain rice, pineapple rice, Thai beef curry, Malaysian bean-curd

Course 3

Course 3: Sirloin steak, absolutely amazing.

Course 4

Course 4: Noodles of 2 varieties (one crispy) and egg fried rice

Course 5

Course 5: Naan bread, chefs special (something that tasted like a salty hash brown), chips, Makhani curry (mankini)

Course 6

Course 6: Fudge, marshmallow (not present in photograph), brownie, rocky road (with nuts in it?)

So after what can only be described as an embarrassingly large amount of food, you would expect me to not eat for 3 days… wrong! Here’s what I ate today:

13:00- Ginsters Cornish pasty, banana, crunchie bar
14:00- Rice Krispie cake
18:20- Pizza

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