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Flat Packed Square Watermelons

February 23, 2011

Today browsing the web for a bit of news to bring you, I came across the story of the Japanese farmer who grows square watermelons.

The innovative Japanese farmer created the cuboid watermelon to solve two of life’s greatest problems.

  1. Fitting the fruit in your fridge.
  2. Cutting it without it rolling off the surface and breaking your fourth metatarsal.

Bonus Features:

  • It looks cool
  • It can be packed more easily
  • It is easier to store

How it’s made?

The solution is quite simple. Grow it in a glass square box and the watermelon will then naturally assume the same shape.

What will it set you back?

They are not available in the UK. bit you can buy them in Japan for about three times the standard price, which works out at about £51.

And what did I eat today?

09.00 Poached Egg on toast
13.35 Lion Bar & Halloumi and Tomato Pitta
14.05 Cookies x4 (and a glass of milk)
18.05 Half a piece of cod with special mash potato (potato, sweet potato, garlic and chilli) and mange tout.
19.10 Oh! The World In Our Kitchen taster dishes – Aloo Kebab, Zwetschgenknödel and Iraqi Special Rice (winning dish).
22.20 Crisps and Dip

And Finally…

I got a pack of six vine tomatoes from coop today for 65p as they go out of date tomorrow. However, they are still a bit green. Can you really have a out of date on fruit and veg?

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