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Some Thoughts on The Noodle Lounge Plymouth

February 24, 2011

Tonight Laura and I ate at The Noodle Lounge in Plymouth so the obvious thing to do now is to write a review. However, I’m struggling to review it for two reasons:

  1. Asia Chic reset the food ratings scale. It took things to a whole new level which makes it hard to get excited about less than perfect Asian food. I think I’d be much more positive if I hadn’t of eaten at Asia Chic first.
  2. The Noodle Lounge was a pretty cool space, but (likely on purpose) it felt more like a cafe than a restaurant. It had a really good vibe and authenticity to it, but it felt a little like walking into bar full of locals.

Noodle Lounge

I’ve spent a long time deliberating over this and I’m going to rate the overall experience of the Noodle Bar a 5/10.

Other Food News:

08.30 Halloumi Cheese Baguette (Laura was in charge of breakfast again and she seems to like making rolls – good though).
12.45 Salad from Issacs including spinach, coleslaw, pasta, cous cous, prawns, cucumber and cheese.
15.30 1 x Salt and Vinegar McCoy
16.30 Bourbons x3
19.15 Singapore Noodles, Chilli and Garlic Shrimp & Spring Onion and Ginger Crispy Pork
21.25 Lindt chocolate egg

And Finally…

Here is a pretty interesting article about the future of feeding a growing population. Will the world run out of food? Are we eating too much? Is it too late to change?

And is this blog getting a bit too serious?

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