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7 Searches You Wouldn't Expect To Land You On OCN

February 25, 2011

‘When you dribble all over a webpage, every so often someone is going to end up slipping into it’. – Lee 2011

Browsing through the search terms on the Site Stats this afternoon, I realised, probably as a result of the lavish rambling that goes on here, we’ve been found through some pretty bizarre search terms.

I had a look with Laura and these were our favourites:

  • pick some one up with chopstick x3
  • banana chicken nugget war x2
  • breadface
  • what attacks sweet corn
  • sandwich stoopid face
  • weetabix tattoo
  • really manly

Technically for people to find us through such novel searches, we must be writing equally unusual content. So, I have a challenge – a challenge for Tom.

This is an exclusive and I haven’t ran it by him yet, but I’m wondering if Tom will accept the challenge to write a post that comprehensively includes all of these terms.

Watch this space – search #OCNdribblepost on Twitter.

Eaten on this day:

09.35 Tomatoes, Bacon, Sausage & Mushrooms
11.05 Biscuits x4
13.40 Turkey Salad Sandwich with Hula Hoops and Clementines x2
15.45 Biscuits x3
18.30 Chicken Fajitas by Laura
19.15 Pancakes x4 -3 = Pancake x1
20.30 Aero Bubbles x8

And Finally…

Does anyone want to guess what the search term that has found our blog most frequently?


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