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Bread Pie

March 3, 2011

Bread Pie

We love bread. All together we have eaten bread (of all varieties) on 108 occasions so far this year! The ‘Bread Pie’ above shows which variety of bread has proved most popular this year. Toast dominates with 43, and plain bread isn’t too far behind with 24 (probably eaten in the form of sandwiches).

Breadsticks have risen through the bread ranks since I made “Big Fat Salt and Pepper Breadsticks” a few weeks ago. Other notable contenders for “Bread of the Year” are shortbread (is this really a bread?) and garlic bread, both of which may make a  late dash for the title.

And… closest guess on “how much bread have we eaten?” was…

Only 5 out! Very good guess… commiserations to @iamjamesward

And… here’s what I’ve eaten today (including more bread!):

8:20– Golden Nuggets
12:50– Bacon sandwich (bread!)
14:00– Banana
14:50– Apple, kitkat

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