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Guest Blog: Can You Bake a Car?

March 12, 2011

Hola readers! This is my “guest post” on One Chicken Nugget! As each post has a very interesting subject, I have decided to answer the question “Can You Bake a Car?”.  Skoda have claimed to do just that with the “Skoda Fabia Cake Car”. In their advert which lasts sixty seconds, they show the basics of making a car out of cake materials.

That makes it seem to be possible but the reality differentiates.

The main point of a car is for it to turn its wheels and drive you down the road (with the assistance of you steering it). The engine used in the ad seems to look more like a HEMI engine rather than a Diesel one. The HEMI engine was a big hit back in the 1950’s – 1980’s with speedy cars. Also I’m pretty sure cars wouldn’t be able to run on Golden Syrup instead of Petrol or Diesel.

Getting back to the subject, a cake, however well carved and baked, could not substitute for a real HEMI engine. The wheels in the ad, were of course made out of cake, so any pressure on them would make them automobile lingo (flat).

The jelly backlights just wouldn’t work.

The fans, when the temperature of the air is turned up (which is the main reason for the fans), would melt as they are made out of “Cadbury Flakes”.

So, the answer to “Can You Bake a Car?” is, no, but if you find an oven big enough to put a Nissan Micra in, then, you can bake a car!

I hope you enjoyed my guest post on One Chicken Nugget! If you want to hear from more of what I write, my Twitter account name is: @Michael97F

What I Ate Today:

9:30am – Shreddies
11:35am – Ready Salted Bag of Frisps
12:45pm – 4 Pieces of Chicago Town Pizza
5:10pm – Salt & Vinegar Bag of Frisps
5:34pm – 3 Mini Chocolate Chip Cupcakes
9:05pm – 3 Pieces of Chicago Town Pizza
9:25pm – 1 Chocolate Digestive Biscuit


And Here Is Lee’s Food (as he is legally obliged to provide this information daily until 1/1/2012):

08.45 Toast with marmite x3
10.45 Little bit of Tiffin cake
12.20 Cheese and Pickle sandwich with a clementine and Riveta crisps
17.15 Lion Bar
20.05 Chicken Korma Curry and Chicken Thai Red Curry with Naan, Poppadoms and rice by Vintage Friend


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