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The Food of Love

March 12, 2011

When looking for a cafe to sit outside and have a drink, what can you assume by the people sat outside?

  • Loads of people- Either really nice or a big name i.e Starbucks, Costa or Nero
  • A few people- Either an OK place or a decent local place
  • No people- Either a dump or in a bad location (3rd alternative cannot assume anything as it’s raining/sleeting/snowing/cold)

So today we went for the ‘no people’ option in Stratford. Possibly because of not wanting to sit too close to other people (as that’s what all Brits hate), or possibly because it was at the end of the street we had just walked down. The place was called the food of love, and unfortunately it was a dump. Luckily, I didn’t try any of their ‘food of love’ but I did have a hot chocolate, which was average. I will learn from this and aim for the places which have a few people.

My daily digest:

11:20- Cookie crisp cereal
12:30- Steak slice, bag of chilli sensations
12:45- Flapjack
15:45- Fudge from the Stratford Sweet Shop
17:00– Nibbles
18:50- Chicken, sweet potato and coconut curry with rice
20:00- More nibbles

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  1. leef352 permalink*
    March 12, 2011 11:11 pm

    Is nibbles really a legitimate description of what you ate?

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