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Britain's Food Has Never Tasted So Good

March 14, 2011

As almost every newspaper in the country ran with the story on the comments of the Burger King CEO today, there was other news of Britain’s food and drink exports being the highest ever, a growth for the sixth consecutive year.

Burger King CEO was quoted saying British women were ugly and their food tasted horrible (or words to that effect). Leaving aside the back handed compliment to British men and their cooking, it was ironic, that many of the same papers published stories of British food exceeding on the global stage.

Sales to South Africa were up by more than 60 per cent last year, China bought 29 per cent more British exports and demand from Israel rose 39 per cent.

These figures show our products are sought across the globe for their quality and great taste.

That will give Burger King some food for thought

British Food Today:

09.30 British Breakfast – Fried Egg x2, Toast, Mushrooms and Bacon
12.35 Top of a Pear
12.55 Eastern Chicken Baguette from Loafers
14.50 Chocolate Biscuit
18.10 Naan Pizza followed by ice cream and easter egg

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