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More and More Crisps

March 16, 2011

Following on from yesterday’s post where I questioned whether the Real McCoy Website was the best website ever (for crisps) it seems to have caused some debate for a few reasons:

Tom has a good point here – Burts Chips is a good site – but is it as good and are there other better sites out there like the Walkers site?

Sarah makes some interesting points, to which Tom has this to say:

My thoughts are these:

1) Is anyone questioning that this currently happens? I even counted two in the Real McCoy pub.

2) I agree with Sarah, it does lack a little bit of originality

3) I think it’s reverse psychology to make more women eat them

4) I read an article about the brief of this website and it was built to look like that.

And the appropriately named other comment was:

Eaten Today:

07.45 Hot Cross Bun
11.15 Chocolate Cake at twofour
13.10 Chicken Pasta Salad followed by Mango and Pineapple Sticks
18.10 Twix
20.15 Olive Bread, Olives, Hummus, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Cous Cous

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  1. Sarah Facy permalink
    March 16, 2011 9:49 pm

    Interesting to weigh up the different views! In response to them:

    1) No one questions that girls go into pubs directly, but by having to pass a manliness test first does this not assume that it is preferable for you to be male – especially when you get a low manliness score (as you would expect a girl to) and get told you are not cool enough to enter? The 2 women that the men’s pub has allowed in must be real tom boys!!

    2) I stick to my guns Tom – it is unoriginal!! Skoda baked a car, people liked the advert! If Nissan decided to do an advert tomorrow, where they made a car out of carrot cake wouldn’t people just think they needed to get a more creative advertising team?

    3) I think this may be a case of reverse psychology. It is advertised on the pack as man crisps and it didn’t stop me from buying them. I wonder if this would work the same way if something was advertised as just for girls – would men be seen eating something girlie?

    4) I need to spend less time watching Eastenders!!

    • March 16, 2011 10:54 pm

      1) I failed the manliness test, and last time I checked, I was a man. I was still allowed into the pub, although I was desperately disappointed about not being manly enough to be allowed in with no questions asked… and since this has happened I’ve felt a huge urge to eat some McCoys to redeem myself.

      2) McCoys haven’t only just decided to become manly. They’ve been “Man Crisps” for quite a while – if it works for them why would they change it for their website? They built their campaign on the success of one that preceded it ( Even if they did copy Yorkie (probably did – Yorkie beat them to it by about 6 years), it’s a different product (chocolate/crisps) and so not really comparable to the Skoda and Nissan scenario. Although I take you’re point, but I still think that if it works it works – do people not eat crisps because the advertising team weren’t creative enough?

      4) That article was written by the bloke who did the voice overs for the site…

  2. Michael97F permalink
    March 17, 2011 7:14 pm

    Very nice seeing that one of the post’s I wrote is mentioned in the above comment^ Carry on the debate!

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