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How Do You Like Your Eggs In There Morning?

March 17, 2011

I like mine soaked in Urine.

[Guest Blog – @Michael97F]

That’s right, you’re not crazy, and you’ve read it right. Urine soaked eggs are massive in China, not on a size scale, but a popularity one!

You see us Brits usually boil eggs are very boring so we boil eggs in dull water. I know you’re all nodding in agreement!

Although, these exciting Chinese citizens have totally blown us all away with their new “Urine Soaked Boiled Eggs”. What they do is gather urine in buckets, from young prepubescent  boys aged 5 – 10yrs old, boil the eggs in the urine, let the eggs cool down, crack them, then soak them in the boys urine and boil again.

Sounds gut-wrenching but apparently these are in fact a delicacy. Lu Ming exceedingly backs the “food” but I think you will all make your own decisions after just hearing the name! The eggs are each sold for 1.50 Yuan which translates to about 14p in GBP Sterling.

Lu Ming is convinced that these eggs will be the next big export from the country that is currently the top exporter of apples, let’s just hope they don’t go down the same line with apples!

Well, that’s all from me again, I hope you liked my 2nd post on OCN,

All the best readers,



Lee’s Food:

09.15 Toast with Peanut butter, Croissant with nutella and a banana
13.00 Coronation Chicken Sandwich
16.45 KitKat
19.10 Dominoes Pizza x4 slices
21.10 Chocolate Buttons

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