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Insect Food

March 20, 2011

Photograph by Roy Niswanger

“There’s a fly in my soup”, “Yes sir, it’s meant to be there”

Insects outnumber humans by 1 billion: 1, food prices are rising monthly and farmers are finding it harder and harder to produce the food we want at the cost we want. So, how long before bugs are on the menu?

Heston Blumenthal is just one of many people who say that insects are the food of the future. They are already eaten in some parts of the world on a regular basis (see An Idiot Abroad in China), but in the UK various TV programmes have given them a bad name. It’s not just I’m a Celebrity either, Bear Grylls does his best to put me off for life:

Eating insects would be apparently healthier, better for the planet than traditional meats and some supposedly taste nice – we will eat them eventually and not through choice, so maybe we should try the Marmite approach now before it’s too late.

There are times on this blog where longer posts are restricted by time, and on those days where we post just food, a splattering of bugs might liven it up a bit.

Unfortunately I haven’t (knowingly) eaten an insect today:

11:20- Crunchy nut cornflakes
13:00- Doritos and 2 tuna fishcakes, then a double decker and a flapjack bite
17:40- Pringles

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