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Another Wagamama Rating (Bristol)

March 21, 2011

Readers may know I have been to Wagamama every time I am in a city with a Wagamama:

  • Wagamama’s Bournemouth *** First time I went and I was pretty impressed all round – steak ok.
  • Wagamama’s Westfeild London **** Very good and beautifully cooked rare steak on top.
  • Wagamama’s Exeter ** Lucky to get two stars. Same dish but somehow blander and steak very tough – like when you chew on a football. Service was good though.

And today I was not going to break that tradition on my travels to Bristol – but I did choose a new dish; kare lomen.

This dish is okay, but not fantastic and the first few mouthfuls are the best. After a while the whole dish merges into one homogeneous taste…

Overall I would rate  Bristol *** due to fairly good service, but the food wasn’t great and there was nearly an hour wait between the first person being served and the last (although they didn’t make us pay for the last dish).

Eaten Today:

08.10 Banana
10.15 Banana
12.30 Bacon Sandwich, Cheese and Onion Crisps, chocolate cornflake bites
19.00 kare lomen

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