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Chocolate or Chocolate

March 22, 2011

Photo by Mrs Magic

At a loss of things to write about (although as I start to write this I am starting to think of lots; willy wonka and Heston last night and the 5-a-day story), I turned to the facebook ‘likers’ of One Chicken Nugget. This was request by Steve Waller:

Which chocolate bar is best, galaxy or dairy milk?

Well according to the food stats, I certainly eat a lot more dairy milk than galaxy. So from that I would deduce that I prefer it, and as I am me, I can confirm that the stats are correct. Well done statisticians, and well done Dairy Milk, you win.

Eaten today:

8:20– Bran flakes
13:00– Beef sandwich, banana, apple
17:45- Pringles
19:20- Chilli

Possibly some Dairy Milk later…

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