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Turbo GTF Curry Night, Reviewed

March 27, 2011

Sunam, Kenilworth

As I said yesterday, today I may review the curry I had on Friday. So I am. One very good reason for waiting at least 24 hours before reviewing a curry, is to make sure you don’t have food poisoning. You don’t want to go singing it’s praises, only to find out hours later it’s more than praise spewing out of your mouth.

Luckily that wasn’t the case; I haven’t sung it’s praises, and I haven’t got food poisoning. The curry house of choice for Turbo GTF’s social was the Sunam, Kenilworth (Turbo GTF is one of the best 5-a-side football teams in the second division at Coventry Powerleagues, you may have heard of us). The Sunam is a small, living room sized restaurant, serving cheap curry and over-priced drinks. Thankfully you are allowed to bring your own drink, and they’ll even give you glasses.

The evening got off to a fairly bad start, although this was absolutely no fault of the Sunam. It was actually very reminiscent of Wednesday night football, in that several players are always late, without fail. Their absence did allow those of us who own watches to have a quick glance at the menu, which was bound in the very same way my dissertation was. No expense was spared, it was even laminated.

Almost as soon as the others had arrived, the waiter who looked like he should be a doorman came to the table and demanded orders. Even though we had been sat there for a good 20 minutes, nobody knew what they wanted. This was not good enough for the waiter, who eyed up John (our goalkeeper) as the most likely candidate to order first. He was right, and while John put in his order the rest of us faffed about with the menus. 10 minutes later an order was made, and the agitated waiter went off to the kitchen to spit in our food.

The rest of the night went well, the food was passable and was served by waiters rather than bouncers. They did try to pass off some unwanted rice on to us about 30 minutes after serving the rest of the food, but we didn’t accept it and as far as I can tell it was eaten by waiter who took our orders.

Although this sounds like a fairly good review, at least by OCN standards, it is not. The bouncer came back into action just after we had paid (and tipped), to kick us out. They gave us a minute before surrounding the table and staring at us until we left. They apparently “needed the table”, although I think Rob had probably said something.

A final note… yesterday Lee revolutionised OCN by only listing his food as tags which appear at the top of the page. So today I will follow suit and do the same.

So where yesterday you would see a list of food today you see this:


Happy Birthday Lee!



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