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The Secret To Bill Gates’ Success: Eating chicken with a spoon?

March 30, 2011


Chicken gets it's own back

Photo by Lou Tamposi

According to Microsoft Co-Founder, Paul Allen, Bill Gates eats chicken with a spoon. This is one of the many secrets spewed out in Paul Allen’s memoirs set to be released next week. It’s sure to be a best seller.


In the book, Allen recounts how Gates once joined him and his girlfriend Rita for dinner in Boston. “Did you see that?” Allen recalls Rita saying. “He ate his chicken with a spoon. I have never in my life seen anyone eat chicken with a spoon.”

If nothing else, this book is going to show how exceptionally boring Allen’s life was, or at least how his girlfriend Rita was one of those people who you don’t let out the house. Eating with a spoon is hardly worth a mention, even if it is chicken, but perhaps this is the secret to his success. There is only one way to find out, and that is to eat chicken with a spoon and then quantitatively measure success. Before you think I might try this, I won’t be.

Rumour has it that Steve Jobs eats using an app on his iPhone, and Gail Platt from Coronation Street eats using a stick to find grubs in a log (because she looks like a bird).

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