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Local Food? April Fools!

April 1, 2011

Local food‘ is becoming a more and more popular term in the food marketing world with almost everyone claiming in some way or another their produce is local. It seems to be the biggest sales gimmick since organic food hoping to fool people into thinking the food is fresher, made with fewer chemicals and grown by smaller, less corporate farms.

But what does ‘local’ actually mean? Who defines what local food is? Is it food produced in the garden, your neighbourhood, your county, your country, your continent? The largely unregulated word gives the marketers a fair bit of creative freedom. Such a definition is made even harder when you consider products with more than one ingredient or method of packaging. And you could push this a lot further… What about the products that have been used to farm the product or the method of transport?

The idea of local is very beautiful to people, in the consumer’s mind it represents a simpler, more gentler time

09.45 Friday Breakfast – Toast, Beans, Bacon, Scrambled Egg and Mushrooms.
13.10 Fish, Potatoes and Mushy Peas
15.35 Fruit Granola Bar
17.55 Chocolate covered Strawberries from M&S
19.45 Lasagne & Mediterranean Bread
20.00 Chocolate Angel Delight with chocolate buttons


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