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How To: Double Your Blood Sugar Levels

April 3, 2011

If you’re looking to double your blood sugar levels in one simple step, swap the coca-cola for coffee next time you go into a fast food restaurant. A new study has shown that drinking a coffee with you McBreakfast or Burger and fries can double blood sugar levels.

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The study used healthy male subjects. Each one was given a highly concentrated fat drink proportional to their body weight. Six hours after drinking the fatty liquid, the subjects had a sugar drink. Blood sugar levels increased 32 percent compared to drinking the sugar mixture alone.

In the second stage of the study, the subjects ingested the fat drink. Five hours after that, they had two cups of caffeinated coffee. The sugar drink came last. Blood sugar levels were 65 percent higher than normal in second stage results.

The PHD researcher, Beaudoin explains:

High amounts of saturated fat like those found in fast food meals make it difficult for the body to remove sugars from the bloodstream. The high fat and coffee combination raises blood sugar close to what a diabetes patient would test at. People with diabetes or who are at risk should lower their caffeine intake.

So my educated advise is to perhaps have them separately in the future…

Today’s food:

11.00 BLT Baguette
15.45 Carrot and Coriander Soup with bread and extra coriander
16.30 Chocolate Digestives x5
20.10 Greek Pasta Salad – Pasta cooked in garlic and lemon water, served under red onion and coriander chicken, grilled halloumi cucumber and greek yogurt.

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