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Trolley Rage

April 4, 2011

Eyeing up a victim

Food is essential to life, without it we would die in little over a week. Before modern society, when humans were only just distinct from apes (some of us still aren’t), supermarkets didn’t exist. In those simpler times, obtaining food was perhaps considerably more difficult than it is now.

Before we evolved into our modern selves and invented society, food was edible plants and animals which roamed around on the same ground that we did, at least the animals did. You had to hunt for dinner, and it was probably all you did (I’m no expert). Now all we do is work in order to obtain money, which we can then exchange for food, amongst infinite other things.

This means that supermarkets exist, which also means that trolley rage exists. If you aren’t familiar with the term pop out to your local supermarket at about 5.30 – 6 pm; that sharp jab in your backside, that’s trolley rage. If you happen to be in the way of someone in a supermarket, no matter how innocent the situation is, you are likely to be on the wrong end of a trolley.

Being known as the ‘facebook generation’, who want everything, and want it now, we are the most likely to lose patience with the old lady who’s irritatingly ambling up the vegetables isle stopping every two feet. But that’s not the only cause of trolley rage, the experts at Wikipedia (that’s everyone) have luckily helped out with a definition:

Trolley rage is the common name for a heightened level of anger and frustration while in a supermarket or shop of any kind.

Trolley rage is a very general term, in that it could apply to anything from stuck carts, to throwing tantrums in the supermarket. Whereas it can be caused by anything from items being out of stock, to rudeness of fellow customers or employees.!/BAMitscassandra/status/54392940570738688

The other day Tash experienced trolley rage, probably not for the first time, and actually dumped the trolley and left the shop. “It all started in the car park when I couldn’t get space.” she recalls, “Then I went inside but had to come back out and find a trolley as there weren’t any inside. When I’d finally got in old people started being rude, people were getting in my way and bashing into me and they didn’t even have what I needed! So I turned around, left my trolley and went home.” In fairness she’d had a long day, and she was shopping in Coventry, where putting cats in bins is normal behaviour.

Just image the sort of rage that our ancestors must have felt when wooly mammoth was out of stock during the ice-age. I would have hit someone so hard with my trolley.

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