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Sensing the Impossible

April 5, 2011

Photo by Daniël Silveira

You can do incredible things with your five senses. Some animals can do better things, for example, dogs noses are very good at being wet. But there are some things that you can’t do with your senses, things that you could only do if you had major surgery. These are the things that are the most intriguing…

  • You can’t smell your own nose. Wouldn’t you love to know what your own nose smells like? But you can’t because of all the background smells. Even if you take them away how do you know what you are smelling is your nose? You have never smelled anything without your nose, so you will never be able to separate the smell of your nose from the smell of anything else. The closest you could come is to smell someone else’s nose, but that would just be weird.
  • You can’t taste your own ear. You can try, but only with major surgery or an extremely unfortunate ice-skating accident, would it be possible to taste your own ear. After such trauma, would you have enough of an appetite? To really bend your mind, you’ll never be able to hear yourself eating both of your ears.
  • You can’t feel what it feels like to be touched by you. Unless part of you is paralysed and you use that part of you to touch another un-paralysed part of you. Even then you can never feel what it feels like to touch and be touched by yourself at the same time, wait, yes you can.

There are probably more of these impossible sensing scenarios, but for now I’m too busy trying to taste my ear to write them down.

What I’ve eaten today (no ears – it really is impossible!):

8:10 – Coco pops
13:10 – Bacon sandwich with an apple and a banana
14:20 – Crunchie bar
17:10 – 2 pita breads and some Philadelphia (pictured)

If you haven’t done already have a look at the top 100 things we’ve eaten this year so far!

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