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Feeding Time at Student Zoo

April 8, 2011

Sociology then Chocolate the Sociology

The Typical Day of a Student

April must be one of the worst months for students constantly stressed by the seemingly never ending levels of deadlines served with a good helping of revision and exams. For some not content with that amount of work, all other sporting and society commitments or tours seem to fall in April aswell. And if that’s not enough you can add job hunting to the mixer too.

So amongst this uncertainty, feeding time is one of the only things worth looking forward to. The problem is, there is no time to cook, so you end up eating the fastest food within arms reach. Cereals and toast have become all to common place in my diet or pasta if I’m really lucky. Slow cooked lamb has been out the picture since January!

The other problem is fast food. If you’re a student, the types of food you really need is brain food such as meat, fish and copious amounts of fruit and veg. However the closest you’ll get to that is melted cheese loaded baguette or week old dry tasteless (hairy) Indian or Chinese food. That’s meant to be your treat too!

So my question of the week is – why doesn’t someone open up some sort of healthy food takeaway for students and other busy people? I guess London must have these sort of things…

Or not.

Eaten today:

08.10 Cheerios
13.25 Fish, Chips and Peas
15.40 Mini Chocolate Eggs x13
21.00 Left over pasta bake with bread and butter

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  1. Soph permalink
    April 8, 2011 9:31 pm

    Haha I know that page 🙂

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