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Eating for the Sake of Eating…

April 19, 2011

Photo Credit: Corie Howell on Flickr

BED – Binge Eating Disorder

Sufferers don’t eat for the pleasure of it, but because they feel compelled to eat; they are eating for the sake of eating and lose all control. Patients with BED are often overweight.

We’ve discussed our eating habits a couple of times on this blog, and I’m curious as to why we eat three times a day (at least), rather than just when we get hungry. Today, at 6pm I decided that I wasn’t hungry, so I went against the social construction of dinner and didn’t eat. At 9pm I still wasn’t hungry, so I decided to have a toasted bagel and skip ‘real’ dinner for supper.

Eaten Today:

10.35 Croissants with nutella x2
15.15 Ham and Tomato Baguette
16.10 Crisps and dip
21.05 Cheese Bagel and grapes
Also eaten today – nibbles – 4 strawberries,7 mikido,8 smarties and 2 biscuits.

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